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About Us

How many times have you heard, “I did it, why can’t you?” Sure, everyone wants you to believe they have always had their shit together. It’s not true, and the world is different now.  

That ’s why we created  Adulting School: to help you with the things you don’t know—because you were probably never taught them! Rachel and Rachel created Adulting School in Portland, Maine so that, no matter WHAT age, people who still don’t know (for example) WTF an APR is, or how to fix the hole in their wall so they don’t lose their security deposit can learn without judgment.

Adulting School started with live classes in Portland, Maine.  It quickly went viral.  People told us they wanted more- in California, Florida, New York...and Germany!  Rather than traveling, we decided to create what we have in Maine for the InterWebs. We are adulting our tushies off to do just that.  

Join us - be an early adopter- while we curate and create the best online classes, articles, and posts on the subjects that are most practical for your adult lives.  Here you can be part of the conversation of what you want to learn. You can ask questions and support each other.

We’re committed to providing you with judgment-free help, gentle cajoling, and a whole lot of levity, while helping you to transform into the most awesome adult you can be.